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Thickness Length Width kg/pcs/mtr Pieces Weight Stock Name
Thickness Length Width kg/pcs/mtr Pieces Weight Stock Name
1,51142101113,702 Packages2960DC01+ZE 25/25 ELO/ZINCOR 2nd choice
61200012551491 package1446WGW S355/S420 2nd choice
7,575007703061 package306WGW S355/S420 2nd choice
0,783067031 Packages3500Neuratern Galva ES DC05
2,001500135016,201 package1312KGW DC04 2e choice
0,75171070071 package1436HR 2nd choice
1,52000730181 package140HR 2nd choice
2250010341 package1033HR 2nd choice
2300010351 package 1240HR 2nd choice
2300010351 package1240HR 2nd choice
748752000123pcs6552S235 2nd choice
3336046837,741 package380S235 2nd choice
28,4300021001431 1 package1431WGW X70 API PSL2 2nd choice
28,43000210014311 package1431WGW X70 API PSL2 2nd choice
28,558560211541351 package4135WGW X70 API PSL2 2nd choice
21540125030,801 package1740DD11 oiled
22400100038,41 package1532DD11 oiled 2nd choice
0,65927301 package990S235 2nd choice
1,50200010001 pacakge1500CR DC-01
42000100072mix pakket448WGW S235JR
4,001000015001241 package2880WGW S235 JR 2nd choice
7,503200201506 pcs2321WGW S235 JR
15200010001 pcs240HR S235JR
320001000481 package242DX51D + Z275 MA-C 2nd choice
220,0051901705155741 pcs15574WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22052001705156041 PC15604WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22051401540139311 PC13931WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22051301545139491 PC13949WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22050851710153041 PC15304WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22050901705152741PC15274WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22052001680153751 PC15375WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22052451670154161 PC15416WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22052451710157851PC15785WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22054101460139021 PC13902WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22051901495136561 PC13656WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
325840327049001 piece4900WGW X60- X70 API PSL2 2nd choice
22052451665153701 pcs15370WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22052651485137611 pcs13441WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22052451445134411 pcs13431WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
1,25153113201 PACKAGE590ELO/ZINCOR 2nd choice
1,00200010001 PACKAGE225ELO/ZINCOR 2nd choice
1,50132911191 PACKAGE560ELO/ZINCOR 2nd choice
1,2517427751 PACKAGE350ELO/ZINCOR 2nd choice
0,909106303 PACKAGE2210HDG 2ND CHOICE
0,70186512951 PACKAGE2090KGW DC-01 2ND CHOICE
0,70203512952 PACKAGE3580KGW DC-01 2ND CHOICE
11500135016,203 packages1375KGW C04 oiled 2nd choice
1,25153113202 PACKAGE1525ELO/ZINCOR 2nd choice
22017001710153791 PCS5239WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
7,00450020001 PSC504HR S235/S355
1530001500540WGW S235/S355
0,90168010002 PACKAGE4162HDG DX51D-Z275 2nd choice
22052101460135251 PCS13525WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
7,004000200001 PACKAGE1344WGW 2ND CHOCIE
3,0300015001081 PCS108WGW 2ND CHOICE
7,00426018603394 pcs1775WGW S235JR 2ND CHOICE
7,5090009704841 PCS524HR 2nd choice
22017055200156041pcs15604WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22017055200150641pcs15604WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
22017105000150481pcs15360WGW MAX S235 2ND CHOICE
6245020004300Teardrop plate
0,8230013005 package5840PPGI S250 +Z225 + white
1232012501950HDG S280+Z275
2-201500-20001000477402ND CHOICE
6200010001500S355 and S235
3266013403 PACKAGE5560WGW S700
3300015002 PAKAGE4911WGW C45
7,50300015001 PAK2079WGW S355
15200010001440HR S235/S355
6250015001 package7202nd choice
4200010001 package9702nd choice
2,00250012501 package5002nd choice
3,52842145134 PCS1985S420 2ND CHOICE
1,0-20,02000-10000500-2000120097HR 2nd choice
6200010004400S355 and S235
3,002500125010025 PCS20202ND CHOICE
2250012505040 PCS2000ELO 2ND CHOICE
6250012501507 PCS1050HR S235 2ND CHOICE
1,25250012502550 PCS1250CR 2ND CHOICE
1185010151560 PCS901CR 2ND CHOICE
2,5185010153850 PCS1878CR 2ND CHOICE
4250012502000HR 2ND CHOICE
2200010001280CR 2ND CHOICE
2250012751530CR 2ND CHOICE
16600025005660WGW coated S235 2nd choice
1-151500-30001000-1500311402nd choice new plates
0,6-3,02500125021800SURPLUS KGW PLATES
0,801385160053900Galva ( elo) 2nd choice