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Diameter Thickness Length kg/pcs/mtr Pieces Welding Weight Stock Name
Diameter Thickness Length kg/pcs/mtr Pieces Welding Weight Stock Name
406,414,5135001401 Bdllong1890Black PE outside 2nd choice
193,76,30500029,401 Bdllong2300S355 2nd choice
193,76,30600029,401 Bdllong2475S355 2nd choice
406,4206500190,571 Bdllong1048S235 2nd choice
4266,0800072,31 Bdllong1066Surplus overrolled new stockrusty
168,35,66000201 Bdllong2320S235 2nd choice
5301047001401 Bdllong658Surplus X65 with green primer
406,414,772001422 Bdlslong3000White synthetic outside 2nd choice L450MCS with cert.
273106000661 Bdllong1225New with black PE/plastic outside
219,112,06000621pcslong366S235JR 2nd choice
406,414,772001421 Bdllong13100L450MCS with cert. white synthetic outside New 2nd choice
406,41687001531 Bdllong14633S235 2nd choice
3236500046,901 Bdllong235S235 2nd choice
3236500046,902 Bdlslong469S235 2nd choice
4576,301200070,11 Bdllong848Blue PE outside, inside cement, 2nd choice with TROMP
1595,05000-55004 bdllong4400S235 2nd choice
152,45,0055001 bdllong999S235 2nd choice
323,91060001 pcslong455API 5L min S235 2ND CHOICE
2731380001 pcslong670API 5L min S235 2ND CHOICE
355,610120001 pcslong1025API 5L min S235 2ND CHOICE
355,61060001 pcslong511API 5L min S235 2ND CHOICE
406,410120001 pcslong1173API 5l commercial quality 2nd CHOICE
406,413120001 pcslong1515API 5L min S235 2ND CHOICE
1592,557009,642 bdlslong2016S235 2nd choice
193,73,2755015,03 long2520S235 2nd choice
508204500-60004 pcslong4000S235/S355 2nd choice
139,73,6030000LONG1840PIPES 2ND CHOICE for pilling
139,732230long2455PIPES 2ND CHOICE for pilling
168,37,1LONG21202nd choice S235
2737,1-81900long31002nd choice
219,14,57000-1200023,81LONG138852ND CHOICE
219, en 168,34,50127202nd choice
323,910,2480081,1512 st,long3455S235 2nd choice
244,58,8550050,88 Bdlslong1625,6S235 2nd choice
219,1 -2735-6,34000-800017880S235 2ND choice
27312120001STLONG9272ND CHOICE
323,97,50120001 BDLLONG9302N CHOICE PAINTED
152,446500 long5020S235
406,47-8,8620078,61 Bdllong3309S235
219,18300041,65 Bdlslong1465PIPES 2ND CHOICE for pilling
193,75,0-5,6 mm 600026,0016 Bdlslong3193S235 2nd choice
168,36,312000long2141NEW pipes S235
168,34,501200018,30long900PRIME S235
139,74,006000LONG3525S235 WITH MENIE
219,1-273-3235,60-224000-6500LONG71682ND CHOICE
219,14,501200023,81 LONG4748S235 PRIME
168,399994000several diameters and tromp stock
168,34,00-4,508000-12000LONG 42402ND CHOICE S235
244,54,01200018 stlong4880NEW S235
177,8/219,1/323,9LONG104082ND CHOICE
244,58,84500-530050,89 Bdlslong8725S235 2nd choice
168,3999960442several diameters and tromp stock
219,14,0-4,58000-12000LONG134552ND CHOICE S235
193,78,02500long711S235 NEW unused
219,10812000-13600long15460SURPLUS S235