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Diameter Thickness Length kg/pcs/mtr Pieces Welding Weight Stock Name
Diameter Thickness Length kg/pcs/mtr Pieces Welding Weight Stock Name
351,560001,201 Bdllong252S235 2nd choice
37455003,721 Bdllong1087S235 2nd choice
401,560001,901 Bdllong561S235 2nd choice
42,43,2560003,251 Bdllong180Surplus with yellow PE
451,5060001,801 Bdllong315S235 2nd choice
48,61,6048001,731 Bdllong1020S235 Surplus pickeled DIN 2394
76,13,2560005,751 Bdllong1311S235 Surplus yellow PE
1281,6060004,991 Bdllong370S235 chromated pipes
88,93,2560006,811 Bdllong1825S235 2nd choice
114,32,9060008,001 Bdllong 1440S235 2nd choice rusty
114,3360008,231 Bdllong792S235 2nd choice
88,92,560005,331 Bdllong 480S235 2nd choice
1144500010,92 Bdlslong109S235 2nd choice
88,93,550007,41 Bdllong37S235 2nd choice
481,560001,71 Bdllong114S235 2nd choice
374,560004,001 Bdllong216S235 2nd choice
382,055001,781 Bdlslong538S235 2nd choice
36260001,71 Bdllong996S235 tubes 2nd choice
50,61,560001,81 Bdllong262S235 tubes 2nd choice
88,93,060001bdllong180S235 2nd choice
82,82,6060001 bdllong 153S235 2nd choice
88,92,50 - 347005,323 Bdlslong4700S235 2nd choice
40360002,741 bdllong 200S235 2nd choice
804,560001 bdlslong1300WGW S235 2nd choice
57248001 bdllong 900WGW S235 2nd choice
88,93,2580001 bdllong1200S235 2nd choice
88,93,060002 bdlslong2000S235 2nd choice
48,32,062001bdllong620S235 2ND CHOICE
503,055002 bdllong1845S235 2ND CHOICE
64,81,8055002,801 Bdllong326S235 2nd choice
501,5060001 bdllong 786S235 2ND choice bright
88,9567009,5010 bdlslong2812S235 green paint outside and holes
70260001 bdllong150S235 with dents
114,35,00550011,0010 Bdlslong17838S235 2nd choice
88,93,20410030 BDLSLONG13520Tube 88,9mm x 3,2mm S235JR NEW SURPLUS
101,66,060001 bdl1140S355j2H
48,32,064501 BDL480S355J2H
50375003,489 Bdlslong5480S235 Surplus pickeled DIN2394
42,43,2564005 bdlslong1540S235JR menie with transport damage
383,560005 bdlslong2651S235 2nd choice
48,33,2060003bdllong890S235 SURPLUS
76,1- 114,3 585013002ND CHOICE
221,856000LONG8002ND CHOICE
101,66,03120001 bdllong6852nd choice gestraald en gemenied
114,34,5570012,18 Bdlslong10960S235 2nd choice
101,62,0060004,91 Pclong1680S235 roestig waterschade
21,32,006000long7907S235JR NEW
48,32,656000long5350S235 with menie
1334,006000long7049S235 SURPLUS
42,02,06000long1000S235 2nd choice
26,92,006000LONG1820S235 2ND CHOICE
2526000LONG1500S235 2ND CHOICE
30262005 bdlslong6000S235
42,43,2564005 bdlslong6160S235JR menie with transport damage
999diverselong87120S235 2nd choice